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Люто обожают людоедов (антирасисты), тем самым вызывая искреннее негодование фанов остальной Восточной Немчурии.[источник?]

Корешат с Айнтрахтом Франкфурт

Leipzig is a medium size town (522.000 inhabitants) from the Saxony region of Germany. From a football point of view , Leipzig has the big disadvantage of sharing the region with the bigger town of Dresden and it’s powerhouse football club , Dynamo Dresden. And if that’s not bad enough , the football fanbase of the city of Leipzig is split between two traditional local football clubs , Lokomotive Leipzig and BSG Chemie Leipzig , and a bullshit football club , Red Bull Leipzig.

All these three clubs are small clubs , playing in the 4th division ( Red Bull) and 5th (Lokomotive ), but ,at the moment , after declaring bankruptcy twice , being dissolved numerous times and changing its name a couple of times , BSG Chemie Leipzig plays in 7th division of German football. But Chemie has a glorious past , from the times they used to play in Eastern-Germany’s first division , where they won the championship in 1951 and 1964 and the cup in 1957 and in 1966. This glorious past made it possible for the club to have loyal fans that followed the team all the way down to the 10th division , where they had to start over in 2008 , when the team was last reformed.

This extremely loyal fanbase is lead by the Diablos ultras group.[1]

Сезон 2010/11Edit

Лучшие фото-видео сезона

Das offizielle Video der Diablos Leutzsch zum Saisonfinale 2011 der BSG Chemie Leipzig. Ein schöner Blick hinter die Kulissen. Vorbereitungen aufs Spiel, Aufbau der Choreo und natürlich der Support.

Chemie Leipzig Saisonfinale 201114:41

Chemie Leipzig Saisonfinale 2011

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