City Park Boys is the ultras group that supports КК Работнички. They were formed in 1997, even though support was given even earlier but not as an official firm.

Rabotnichki has the most trophies in the Macedonian Basketball history - 14. The colors of the club are red and white. Rabotnichki plays his games in the little basketball Basketball Temple called Gradski Park (literally translated City Park, where the name of the group comes from). It is also located in the city park of Skopje.

Our biggest rivals are Feni Industry and their fans Lozari (Not really fans, just 20 idiots who call themselves "supporters")

MZT and their fans Family Aerodrom are our biggest rivals, almost every game with them there are incidents. The last game was played in "Boris Trajkovski", Macedonia's biggest stadium for handball, basketball and concerts are often done there.

Here is a small introduction of Police Brutality in Macedonia

After that, the Macedonian Basketball Federation banned all fans from going to away games. City Park Boys will not listen to this rule, and will continue to cheer for their club wherever he plays.

Here is how we protested against the police repression that happened in Kavadarci against Feni Industri.

The paroles go: "Forbid everything and be left alone, who needs full stands/stadiums?" except in Macedonia it rhymes Smile.

Here is the corteo going to the match against MZT. Over 2000 CPB which is alot of fans for our conditions in Macedonia![1]

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