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  • Фанаты МЮ, 1994



Бирмингем - МЮ - 1974/75


МЮ - Ливерпуль - ??/04/1980

Police forces arrested 50 people after fights, opposing fans of both teams. // Generation Supporter

Нюрнберг - МЮ - ??/08/1980

German fans fought with a group of 50 English. Special unit patrol restored order. // Generation Supporter

Эйндховен - МЮ - ??/10/1984

United fans caused damages inside their ferry. Eight english fans were sent out of Netherlands. // local newspaper

Челси - МЮ - ??/11/1984

Rival fans fought together at the end of the game. A pub manager was injured at his face. The author of this act, Kevin Whitton, one of the Chelsea Headunters' leader received jail sentence the 9th November 1985. // local newspaper

British Soccer Fans Riot on North Sea Ferry - 09/08/1986

More than 100 British soccer fans fought a pitched battle today on a North Sea ferry, leaving many injured and forcing the vessel to return to port.

Fans of Liverpool, Everton and Manchester United were on their way to exhibition matches in the Netherlands and West Germany when they started fighting on the Koningen Beatrix, bound for the Hook of Holland. A fan said the fight started when supporters decided to take revenge for a stabbing last March of one of their friends by rival supporters. // Reuters


Кристал Пэлэс - МЮ - 1995

в ходе того матча Кантона был удален с поля. по пути в раздевалку француза обругали суппортеры лондонского клуба. оскорбления тогда вывели кантону из себя. он перепрыгнул заградительный барьер и вступил в драку с одним из лондонцев. болельщик получил хороший удар ногой.

в результате кантона был дисквалифицирован, а кубковый матч закончился вничью. по регламенту, действовавшему в то время, была назначена переигровка. перед ней в одном из пабов произошла драка между болельщиками команд, не сошедшимися именно в оценках действий Эрика. во время драки один из фанатов кристалл пэлас был убит. //

Фейеноорд - МЮ - 05/11/97

Incidents erupted during the afternoon in the center of Rotterdam. Manchester hools came out of their trains in the central station and went directly towards two Feyenoord pubs.

After the defeat of Feyenoord, local fans waited for the bus of Manchester fans to go out from the stadium. Many incidents occured then around the Rotterdam stadium with Feyenoord hools and the police. Some Manchester fans managed to go out of their bus and fight between the two sides erupted. 38 fans were arrested.

Ювентус - МЮ - 10/12/97

English fans made the transfer in high number to Torino with about 1500. Small clashes erupted just before the game in a pub near the stadium. After the game all remained calm.

Вест Хэм - МЮ - 22/08/1998

Around 175 Manchester United were given a police escort to the ground by two units of the Met's Territorial Support Group. The vast majority did not have tickets for the match. A small group broke away and were located drinking at the Boleyn Pub where a disturbance broke out resulting in several arrests. At the end of the match there was again small disturbances. // View from the Terrace

МЮ vs Миллуол - 15/09/1998

Around 100 'Cockney Reds' were on a train back to London after the match when a mob of Millwall boarded the train at Stoke. Disorder broke out but was dealt with by British Transport Police. // View from the Terrace

МЮ - Ливерпуль - 25/09/1998

A soccer fan had his throat cut and two others needed hospital treatment for injuries from fights before and after Manchester United's league win over Liverpool, police said on Friday. Twelve people were arrested for violence at Old Trafford, where United beat Liverpool 2-0 in the English premier league on Thursday. Police said one United fan had his throat cut with either a knife or a broken bottle. Another was hit by a bottle and a Liverpool supporter received serious facial injuries when he was caught in a hail of stones and bottles. Two police horses and their riders were kicked after they fell to the ground as officers fought to control the disturbances, they added. // Reuters

Эвертон - МЮ - 31/10/1998

A police escort of 250 Manchester United to Lime Street Station came under attack several times by a mob of 40 Everton. // View from the Terrace

Интер Милан - МЮ - 17/03/1999

More than 1.000 policemen were needed to insure the security in Milano during two days. The 16/03 already some Manchester fans came to Milano, and created disorders in the late night in different parts of the city. In total, about 8.000 english fans made the transfer, mainly with charters planes. 10 fans were arrested. // Soccer Fans

[Арсенал] - МЮ - 27/08/1999

Rival football fans were involved in a mass brawl at Holloway Road Tube station following Sunday's ill-tempered match between Arsenal and Manchester United at Highbury. British Transport Police have launched an inquiry after violence erupted. Some fans spilled out into the Highbury area and a chase ensued, which ended at the station. A police horse was punched by one hooligan. Eight people were arrested during and after the tense match, which ended in a 2-1 defeat for Arsenal. Inspector David Dickason, who was in charge of the policing of stations, said: "There is an inquiry into the Holloway Road incident, but at the other stations there were no reported problems. No officers were injured during the disturbances as far as I know." One United fan said that clashes broke out around the stadium directly after the game.

"I've been going to Arsenal games for the last 11 years and this is the worst violence I've seen since 1990 when Manchester United won 6-2 in the Littlewoods Cup at Highbury," he said. "There was a swarm of people around Drayton Park station and there was pandemonium. "There were lots of scuffles where the coaches park. There was a really ugly atmosphere, and there did not seem to be a big police presence.

There were fights all over the place." But Superintendent Andy Smith, of Holloway police, who is responsible for overall policing at home games, said "Our strategy was to identify and shadow known trouble-makers and provide an appropriate level of policing," he said. "There were two very organised elements we were able to frustrate. A 38-year-old man collapsed inside the stadium during the game and died from a suspected heart attack in hospital. Police said the death was not connected with any disturbances. // BBC


МЮ - Андерлехт - 13/09/2000

Anderlecht brought a firm 80-100 lads and were drinking in Town allday, nothing happens due to no one knowing there were there. When there get to the ground there start playing up, in which United attack them and there shit themselves and hide behind the police. After the game United's lads wait outside and when there come out the United lads chase the Anderlecht lads back into the ground, we then hammer some more of there lads by the coach park.

Лидс - МЮ - 03/03/2001

After the game United left the ground and turned left, we have done this now for the past 3 years and in the last two seasons we would meet under the tunnel and then walk round to that roundabout and then up that road that leads to the foot of the bridge. This time though the police covered that so instead we just went straight on, there were only 3 coppers trying to stop us and with the road being so wide we managed to keep going. 10 United at the front went into about the same number of Leeds and chased them up to the bridge until we came to the line of old bill.

Then the Leeds who were waiting there came at us but there were loads of coppers there so they were pushed back. We came back down the road, but the police attention was on us so the rest of the lads managed to go left onto the roundabout and by the time I got there were going through a hole in a fence which led onto some playing fields. We ran through the playing fields and into an estate and by the time I arrived it was already going off at the end of the road in a little corner which led onto the the next road. Leeds were tooled up, there were bins, bricks, bikes, for sale signs, chairs, big planks of wood the lot. Now when you have weapons I think it is a mistake to throw them because all you are doing there is giving the other firm weapons the throw back. But Leeds did throw them, as did United, which led to a couple of minutes of the missiles going back and forth, Leeds losing ground slightly, and injuries on both sides.

I don't know how many Leeds had there because I had my eyes on more important things than counting them, like the bricks that kept just missing my head. What I did think was that they had a lot at the back who threw a load of shit and then got off when we advanced, and there were about 10 at the front who really wanted it and were game as fuck.

After a couple of minutes most of United saw some other Leeds down a ginnle and went for them, this led to the lads at the corner thinking we were running and they came out onto the street, however we just turned and ran at them and pushed them back into the corner. At this point the only two coppers present tried to stand between us, they were the two United and Leeds coppers. A massive plank of wood hit the United copper on the back of the head, thrown by Leeds, and they got out of the way. Their faces said, 'we'll leave it to you lot'.

We backed Leeds further back, into the next road and then the robocops arrived so we went back round and walked through the side streets, then Leeds came at us again, with another hail of bricks. More fighting, again Leeds end up getting off with one of their main kids, name starts with J?, getting knocked spark out by one of United's legends because he stood while his mates did one on him. After this we were rounded up by the coppers, we got to a pub, and Leeds were there again but it was too late now, police all over us. By this time they looked to have about 60. Whether this is all they had, or a lot had got off during the row I don't know. Leeds seemed to be all over the city centre but they were too late. Credit to them for having it for so long but it was our day and we got a great result. // View from the Terrace

Астон Вилла - МЮ - 06/01/2002

Police made 30 arrests at a game which saw a number of Manchester fans invade the pitch. After the match hooligans reportedly fought pitched battles in the streets outside the ground. // BBC

Лидс - МЮ - 30/03/2002

Rival football fans clashed outside the ground following the Premiership match at Elland Road. Eight men were arrested for various offences including public disorder and being drunk and disorderly but police managed to prevent major disorder. // BBC

Базель - МЮ - 26/11/2002

4 английских фэна и один охранник стрип-клуба были травмированны, когда английский моб пытался штурмом попасть в клуб. охране пришлость стрелять из пистолета в пол. также, англичане и швейцарцы столкнулись у железнодорожной станции до матча. после игры все было чинно.

МЮ - Эвертон (20.02.2005)

в английском городе ливерпуль арестованы 33 участника ожесточенных столкновений, которые произошли между болельщиками двух местных футбольных клубов - "манчестер юнайтед" и "эвертон". "красные дьяволы" нанесли поражение ливерпульскому клубу в чемпионате страны со счетом 2:0. местная полиция была вынуждена вмешаться в ситуацию и разнимать футбольных хулиганов, которые пошли друг на друга врукопашную и забрасывали друг друга пустыми пивными бутылками. в ходе столкновений пострадали пятеро блюстителей порядка, один из которых госпитализирован. местная полиция оценивает происшедшее как "широкомасштабные беспорядки".

во время матча голкипер "манчестер юнайтед" рой кэрролл ранен брошенной ему в голову с трибун монетой. на поле найдены и другие предметы, которые фанаты использовали как метательные снаряды. среди них мобильный телефон, брошенный в направлении "надежды" английского футбола - уэйна руни. его присутствие на поле считается одной из причин, спровоцировавших стычки фанатов. в прошлом году руни перешел из "эвертона" в "манчестер юнайтед" за 27 млн фунтов стерлингов. субботний матч был первым выходом уэйна против бывших одноклубников с момента трансфера. //

Милан - МЮ (08.03.2005)

во время матча на сан сиро примерно 20 миланских ультрас ввязались в драку с 30 бритишами. стычка произошла до свистка к началу игры и длилась пару минут. группировка ультрас, оказавшись на стадионе атаковала английскиъ хулиганов, которые ждали оппонента у гостевой трибуны. через несколько минут равной схватки появилась полиция и всех разогнала.

проблемы с фанатами не закончились и за турникетами. хулиганы милана атаковали дьяволов на лестницах у гостевой трибуны. итальянцы блокировали проход англичан к своему сектору, которые с боем принялись прокладывать себе дорогу, чтобы увидеть матч. // underground fans


Болельщики английского "Манчестер Юнайтед", возмущенные покупкой команды американским магнатом Малколмом Глейзером, обратились к руководству УЕФА с просьбой блокировать участие клуба в еврокубках, сообщает BBC Sport. [1]

Вулверхэмптон - МЮ: Кубок Англии (29/01/2006)

It seems that before the game, a United firm (30/40 lads), undetected by police, arrived in front of the main Wolves pub where about 80 lads were present. Except a few bottles threw, Wolves backed off. At the end of the game, a little off took place between 2 groups but another time at United advantage. // forums

Red ArmyEdit

Эта страница содержит CCL информацию из Википедии (авторы).

The Red Army is a hooligan firm who follow English football club Manchester United. Although today the term Red Army is used mostly to refer to fans of the club in general, the hooligan firm have been one of the largest and most feared firms in British football.[2] Firm members – and the firm itself – are sometimes known as the Men in Black, due to the members dressing in all black clothing.[3]

The Red Army was the name given to Manchester United away support during the 1970s. Most notoriously in 1974–75, when United had been relegated from the top flight of English football and played one season in the Second Division, the Red Army caused mayhem at grounds up and down the country, visiting stadiums where they would at times outnumber the home support. Together with a Bolton Wanderers fan stabbing a young Blackpool fan to death behind the Spion Kop at Bloomfield Road in Blackpool during a Second Division match on 24 August 1974, this led to the introduction of crowd segregation and fencing at football grounds in England.[4][5]

The Red Army were featured in the 1985 documentary 'Hooligan', based around West Ham United's trip to Old Trafford in the FA Cup sixth round. It shows the Red Army fighting with the Inter City Firm (ICF) around Manchester. They were also featured in The Real Football Factories documentary series. An episode of the BBC drama, Life on Mars centred on football hooliganism by Manchester United fans in the 1970s.

Tony O'Neill the man behind the firm, a former member of the firm, has released two books about the firm, Red Army General in 2005 concentrating on the 1970s and early 1980s, and The Men in Black in 2006 which told the history from the mid-1980s until the present day.

Their activities have declined since the late 1980s as football hooliganism in general has become a less prolific problem than it was for more than a decade before that.


(Melody of 'Country Roads')
United Road, take me home
To the place, I belong, 
To Old Trafford, to see United,
Take me home United Road.
We are the Pride of all Europe,
The Cock o' the North.
We hate the Scousers, and Cockneys of course...And Leeds!
We are United without any doubt,
We are the Manchester boys,
La la la la... Oooh!
(To the tune of Bad Moon Rising)
I see the Stretford End rising
I see there's trouble on the way
Don't go out tonight
Unless you're red and white
I see there's trouble on the way... 
The famous Man United went to Rome to see the Pope,
The famous Man United went to Rome to see the Pope,
The famous Man United went to Rome to see the Pope,
And this is what he said...

From the banks of the River Irwell,
To the shores of Sicily,
We will fight, fight, fight for United,
'Till we win the Football League,
To hell with Liverpool,
To hell with Man City (they're shit!),
We will fight, fight, fight for United,
'Till we win the Football League.
From the terraces of the Stretford End,
To the Stadium of Light,
We will fight, fight, fight for United,
We're the boys in Red and White,
To hell with Benfica,
To hell with Real Madrid (they're shit),
We will fight, fight, fight for United,
'Till we win the Football League. 


Юнайтед оф Манчестер


  4. Nicholls, Andy (2005). Hooligans A-L. Milo Books. p.63. ISBN 1-903854-41-5.

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