The Maccabi Haifa Teams Ultras

ARE NAMED: GREEN APES 2002   or    GA02

GA02 were organized by a couple of people that were fans of Maccabi Haifa FC

the fans of MHFC were called The GREEN APES as an insult by the maccabi tel aviv fans

MHFC fans took this name as a official name for their ultras team

their block is the NothBlock in sammi ofer stadium, haifa

MHFC also has a fan team called INFERNO VERDE 2010

they sit usually in the south block in Sammi Ofer stadium in haifa

IV10 מתמקדים in supporting the youth team of haifa

ירוק עולה מכבי חיפה נשמה יאללה מכבי עולה עולה אווווו

הקופים הירוקים!!!!

בלאט חוינה על הפועל הטבעונים

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