Литекс (PFC Litex Lovech)



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Ultras Lovech was founded in 2006[1]. After the collapse of SFLT, the reasons for which are known members of the fraction, one of the guys can not just stop going to matches of your favorite team. So-called Youth Brigade (part of SFLT) and several boys from the fraction were the base of organized support for this team Lovech not stop the matches of the stadium in Lovech not resemble the theater. Gradually things go, thus we were able to return some of the veterans in the industry.

So, at the end of 2009, those who still want to continue some of the ideas and objectives of SFLT and change others decided it would be their best group named Ultras Lovech. It employs about 50 people, most live outside of Lovech. Most guys are in Sofia (I have to say that Sofia Lads is not a separate group, and a significant part of Ultras Lovech). Youth Brigade boys are unable to attend regular games of your favorite team because of their separation in different parts of Bulgaria and Europe. Nevertheless, group members can be identified as one of the most active in the organization.

Сезон 2010/11Edit


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