In late 1999, a number of Crystal Palace fans clubbed together to form a supporters group with the intention of improving the Holmesdale Road Stand atmosphere by combining the colour and passion of foreign supporters groups with the fiery atmosphere of the English terraces.

During Palace's dark days of administation, the group orchestrated their first display, 2,000 red and blue cards held up in the Holmesdale as a tribute to Steve Coppell and the players for their fantastic efforts.

The display was reminiscent to many of the famous seas of red and blue that Palace fans have created during the past 15 years from the FA cup final at Wembley to the Play-offs in Cardiff, these scenes have been associated so strongly with our club. It is this feeling of celebration and pride that our group wants to re-ignite and build upon.

Over the following years, the group has been involved in countless other activities such as changing the 'goal announcement', organising more displays, displaying banners, and offering help to protests whilst continuing to grow in numbers.

The philosophy behind the club is one of positive support. We believe that it is our duty as fans to give the players our full backing for 90 minutes and to show pride in our club & colours in the face of the opposition supporters.

With the centenary season (2005-06) underway, a decision was made to provide a real focal point to improve the faltering Selhurst atmosphere and the group decided to re-launch under a new name to attract a larger membership base.

Now predominently gathered around Block B, the current plans are to group together in the Holmesdale to provide a collective base for 90 mins of chanting & choreographed scarf displays as well as to continue to spread colour throughout the stand through banners and flags.

More members lowering individual costs will result in more frequent displays and more voices added to the home support. The idea of the club has been maintained since it's conception and with many new members now getting involved we are keen to introduce more innovative forms of visual and vocal support for our team whilst maintaining and respecting the history and traditions of CPFC.


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