Korona Kielce orginated in 1973. In 2002 big newspaper corporation Kolporter bought a small club from Kielce which never played in first division. This year all Poland heard about this third division club when the owner employed one of the best coach in Poland - Dariusz Wdowczyk (today Legia Warszawa). Kolporter creatured team which was promoted to first division in 2005. It's merit of Kolporter you heard about Korona Kielce but the owner is in conflict with fanatics of Korona. First - the owner changed the name on Kolporter Korona Kielce and changed the emblem.


Fanatics call their club "Biala Korona" - "White Crown" so Korona is calling by others 'the club of the racist'. Politics of fans is more complicate in Poland to describe but fans of Korona like the most of polish fans are right wing or extremly right. Fans of Korona have on the flags digest K.K.K. but it's not digest of club name

Second part of conflict was in 2005 when the club was promoted to first division. Owner employed the first player of Korona who is not polish. This defender names Hernani and he is Brazilian. Ultras and hooligans don't wanna him in their club so firstly singin insulting songs about his skin and than for 6 months they boycotted matches of Korona and they were on matches of friends and Korona II. Stadium was still full but with no atmosphere. Protest wasn't effective because now in Korona play second Brazilian. But fans this year on the first match against Legia Warszawa came back.

"We don't give Korona anybody-We love her so we coming back" On this match Legia fans singin funny songs about Korona because we wanted to tease Korona fans.

"White Crown on Dixon Choto head!" - Dixon Choto is Legia player from Zimbabwe;

But not only fans in Kielce are racist. During the match player of Korona-Grzegorz Piechna tell some insulting things about skin of Dixon Choto and coach of Korona goalkeepers screamed to Choto - "You black prostitute!" Choto is very quiet person but after match he was furious and wanted fight fan who screamed to him but other players stopped Legia defender.

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  • Korona Kielce : KSZO Ostrowiec - 14x14 - wygrana
  • Korona Kielce : Siarka Tarnobrzeg - 10x10 - wygrana
  • Korona Kielce : Widzew Łódź (FC Bełchatów) - 14x14 - porażka
  • Korona Kielce : Piast Gliwice - 5x5 - wygrana
  • Korona Kielce : Wisła Sandomierz - 7x7 - wygrana
  • Korona Kielce : Lech Poznań - 9x9 - porażka
  • Korona Kielce : KSZO Ostrowiec - banda na bandę - porażka
  • Korona Kielce : Petrochemia Płock - 15x15 (młode ekipy) - porażka
  • Korona Kielce : Górnik Łęczna - 4x4 - wygrana


  • Korona Kielce : Wisłoka Dębica - 15x15 (młode ekipy) – wygrana
  • Korona Kielce : GKS Bełchatów - 20x20 – wygrana


  • Korona Kielce : Zagłębie Sosnowiec - 15x15 (młode ekipy) – porażka


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Korona Kielce

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