Фанаты Клифтонвилла

Cliftonville 90s

Фанаты Клифтонвилла (90-е)

Popular and traditional Catholic community sports are football and rugby. And as the flagship of the Catholic community is a club Cliftonville FC.

Cliftonville FC was founded in 1879 on the northern outskirts of Belfast. It is the oldest club in Northern Ireland. Here he met Catholics. And supporters of this club are among the most extremist-oriented fans in Ireland, although at this club is no organized group hool. Therefore, it stands at the stadium "Solitude" (Loneliness) swarming with people who are involved in groups of Sinn Fein and the IRA, a people belonging to the radical wing of the Republican Party and who, flying the flag in support of ETA ( Euskadi Ta Askatasuna - Basque aa freedom - Basque left-wing terrorist organization operating in Spain).[1]


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