Риека - Истра 1961 Пула - региональное дерби в Хорватии. Расстояние между городами менее 100 км. Истоки дерби уходят корнями к соперничеству клубов "Фьюмана" и "Грион Пола" в 1920-х гг. Вражда между группами Demoni (Истра 1961) и Armada (Риека) по-прежнему очень сильная.


30.09.2011 Вчера около 16:30, в Хорватии, на въезде на платное шоссе столкнулись две фан-группировки: Армада (фанаты "Риеки") и Демоны (фанаты "Истра 1961"). Бой продолжался около 20 мин с использованием файеров, камней и палок. 90 человек задержаны полицией. Ранены 3-ое из Армады, 7 Демонов и 2-ое полицейских[1]


01.04.2012 On this match Demoni (Istra1961 ultras) celebrated their 20th birthday. Armada (Rijeka ultras) also came in nice number.

Match was first time stopped in 60th minute when Rijeka fans prepared pyro show. Referee sent players to locker rooms for 5 minutes. In 70th minute penalty for Istra and they scored. Demoni started to celebrate goal with pyro. Referee immediately ended the match just because of few flares lighted during celebration of the goal.

Match will be played again April 11 in front of empty stands. Would be interesting now to see situation in Croatian football if they will suspend every match with pyro show.

With so many problems in Croatian football this season (chief of referee organization ended in jail because of corruption, 3 clubs were under suspensions because of financial problems, 1 club relegated to 6th league because of same reason, very strong football mafia, empty stadiums) again the biggest problems are ultras and pyrotechnics.[2][3]


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