Ботев Пловдив
Трибуна "Изток"


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"Super 3" (Арис)


Локомотив Пловдив, Левски

Сайты,,, ФК Ботев (вики)

Эта страница содержит CCL информацию из Википедии (авторы).

The Botevists (the supporters of Botev Plovdiv) are said to be one of the most fanatic and loyal fans in all of Bulgaria, supporting the team during either good or bad moments. The club is famous for its eccentric Трибуна Изток /pronounced in Bulgarian:tribunɐ iztɔc/(East Stand), which is occupied by the bultras. Bultras is a generalized name for the extreme yellow-black fans and they are one of the three major football mobs in Bulgaria (along with Sofia’s CSKA and Levski). The word bultras is derived from Botev Ultras and it was firstly used by some hardcore fans during the mid-1990s.

25.09.2011 Около 3 тысяч футбольных фанатов Ботева участвуют в столкновениях в Катунице. Они снесли полицейские заслоны, начали жечь дома и автомобили, принадлежащие цыганам. Около 127 человек были арестованы, 28 из них — по статье “хулиганство”.

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