River Plate - Boca Juniors - 23/06/1968

Seventy four people are killed and more than 150 are injured when spectators mistakenly headed towards a closed exit after a first division match in Buenos Aires. The fans at the front of the melee are crushed to death against the doors by other fans unaware of the closed passageway at the back. // BBC

Chacarita Juniors - Boca Juniors - 03/03/2002

The game was interrupted twice due to violent clashes between supporters and the police force, 17 fans were injured and 46 were arrested. // argentinian newspapers and Reuters

Argentinean fans face legal actions - 10/03/2002

Buenos Aires judge Marcelo Zamudio sentenced 42 soccer fans, who were involved in the violent acts during the last week's Argentine First Division matches, EFE reported. The judge put all supporters of the Chacarita Juniors club on trial for assaulting police officers and damaging state property. 42 from the hooligans had assaulted police officers and damaged state property in the Buenos Aires stadium during Boca's match with Chacarita last Sunday. New violent accidents take place every week both inside and outside the stadiums as the season enters its sixth week. // EFE Agency

в декабре 2002 болельщик "Индепендьенте", праздновавший победу в "апертуре", был застрелен завистниками из "бока хуниорс" - тогда убийцу удалось найти.

Boca Juniors - Chacarita Juniors - 31/08/2003

Seventy people were injured (one so seriously) during violent riots who occured during this game, who was abandonned during 2nd half as violences were at high level. The pitch was invaded by fans and teargas were used by police forces who tried to restore order.

The Boca Juniors' manager, Pedro Pompilio said '16 people are at Argerich hospital and one of them is there for a serious injuring'. Chacarita fans threw bricks and other missiles in direction of rival fans during 1st half, but violences started when Boca scored his 2nd goal. At this time, Chacarita fans, who were situated on 2nd floor behind a goal, threw missiles at local fans. Fires also started. Some people said Boca fans also tried to enter Chacarita stand and police forces used teargas to restore order. // Reuters

Police blamed for Argentina violence - 01/09/2003

Argentine soccer clubs Boca Juniors and Chacarita Juniors blamed 'nonexistent' police security on Monday for riots that injured at least 72 people and forced their latest match to be abandoned.

'Sufficient preventive measures were not taken given the rivalry that has always existed between these two groups of fans,' said Boca vice-president Pedro Pompilio. 'We're paying for security that does not exist. There were not even arrests after the incidents,' Armando Capriotti, vice-president of Chararita, told Reuters.

Boca's match at home on Sunday to Chacarita Juniors was abandoned in the 66th minute when Chacarita supporters in the upper tier threw objects on to opposition fans below and Boca followers attempted to invade the visitors' section. Police used tear gas as they attempted to prevent supporters clashing and referee Oscar Sequeira had no option but to call the game off. But club officials said only 10 of the 450 police at the match were involved in preventing the fans from fighting each other. // Reuters

Аргентина: Бока Хуниорс - Чакарита Хуниорс

пятый тур аргентинского чемпионата был омрачен стычкой фанатов клубов из буэнос-айреса "бока хуниорс" и "чакарита хуниорс". игра была остановлена при счете 2:0 в пользу "боки", когда фанаты обеих сторон добрались друг до друга. неприятности начались после того, как особо ярые поклонники "чакариты" стали вырывать пластиковые сиденья стадиона "ла бомбоньера" и кидать их в фанатов "боки". полиции для того, чтобы навести порядок на стадионе и в его окрестностях, пришлось применить слезоточивый газ и даже резиновые пули. в результате этого инцидента 54 болельщика, получивших повреждения, обратились в медицинский центр "боки", а еще 16 человек доставлены в госпиталь. // спорт экспресс

Boca Juniors-Atletico Rafaela - 12/10/2003

The hunt in the terraces continues. About half a dozen of undercover police and officers arrested 16 Boca Juniors fans as part of the sweep of wanted troublemakers who are still fugitives since soccer was suspended for 2-3 weeks. The ones who were identified by video were apprehended. Since the soccer tournament was started again, La 12 has not been present at their usual pubs and hangouts, and definitely not at the stadium.

Police said that Rafael Di Zeo, nicknamed "Rafa", is still at large. La 12 sent orders to other fans to defend their usual space and keep it free of fans. There has been no fans sitting in La 12's territory. Before fans realized that there were police in civilian clothes, a few of them starting beating the police with their fists. Soon enough they realized they were being watched closely by security cameras and dispersed into the crowd. // Reuters

Rafael Di Zeo - 03/11/2003

Rafael Di Zeo escaped from his apartment using a bed sheet tied to the balcony of a building ten stories high when Police arrived to arrest him. The police found an arsenal in his apartment.

Out of all the Boca Juniors’ barrabravas, he’s the most wanted fugitive. Police surveillance video show him as one of the main troublemakers in the Boca vs. Chacarita game which caused soccer to be suspended in Argentina for 3 weeks. Seconds after police stormed his home, Rafa “spiderman” was already climbing down balcony to balcony from his tenth floor. He landed on the garage and took off.

It is believed that someone in his building tipped him off about the Police visit. When the Police stormed his apartment they found war munitions, a .22 caliber revolver, many fake identification cards, 50,000 Argie pesos and 10,000 u$ dollars (which may be counterfeit). They also found a loaded .38 caliber revolver in the balcony that must have been dropped as “Rafa” fled. Another “La 12” troublemaker was arrested after the Boca Juniors vs. Lanus game a few weeks back. This barrabrava is known as “Avila”. // argentinan website  

River Plate - Boca Juniors - 09/11/2003

After a new defeat of their team, especially against their arch-rivals, 700 Boca supporters were angry about the chilean trainer, Pellegrini. A group of fans tried to join the press conference, saying 'Chilean motherfucker'. // Yahoo

Boca Juniors - Chacarita Juniors - 18/03/2004

This very high-risks game was not played as, after violent troubles precedent seasons, authorities were affraid of new riots. Both supporters' clans announced they will be there, with guns, to create new troubles. // Yahoo

бока хуниорс - ривер плейт (04 Ноября, 2004)

в четверг аргентинские полисы спровоцировали массовую драку с фанатами боки, пытавшимися купить билеты на воскресную игру с ривер плейтом. драка развернулась непосредственно перед стадионом "бока хуниорс" в буэнос-айресе.

Boca Juniors vs. Chivas Guadalajara (15/06/2005) 

Around the 75th minute, Chivas' Adolfo Bautista was hauled down from behind on a counterattack. In response, Bautista then taunted his opponents with hand gestures indicating Guadalajara's 4-0 advantage. Boca's Martin Palermo was enraged at Bautista, and took a swipe at him after the play. Palermo was immediately issued a red card, and furiously argued with Uruguayan referee Martin Vazquez, before continuing to chase after Bautista, who was also ejected.

Shortly afterward, as Bautista was being escorted off the field by police in riot gear, fans started to throw objects at him, with some bouncing off the police shields.

A spectator, dressed in a bright yellow replica jersey, came onto the field and tried to throw a punch at Bautista. The surprised police then turned their attention to the fan, who dashed to the sideline and tried to climb over the barrier back into the stands. Two other fans, perched atop the barrier that surrounds the outer rim of the field, helped pull the man back over.

Both teams and the referees retreated to midfield as some of the rowdy fans in the cramped stadium nicknamed Bombonera -- Spanish for candy box -- began to pelt the field with debris.

After a lengthy delay, play looked like it was going to resume, as Corona put the ball down for a free kick. But instead Vazquez blew his whistle and pointed to midfield, signifying the end of the match.

Riot halts Boca match, Olimpo celebrate despite 5-0 loss - 03/07/05

Rioting fans forced the Almagro-Boca Juniors match to postponed on Sunday while Estudiantes and Rosario Central played out a controversial 1-1 draw which qualified both teams for the Libertadores Cup. The last day of the Clausura championship, where Velez Sarsfield clinched the title last week, also produced bizarre scenes at Lanus as visiting Olimpo celebrated on the pitch despite losing 5-0. Although they lost, Olimpo stayed in the first division after fellow strugglers Argentinos Juniors lost 2-1 at home to Banfield. Almagro, already relegated, were leading Boca 3-2 in the 65th minute when their supporters began climbing the fences around the field and threatened a pitch invasion. When Boca supporters did the same, the referee called the match off. Three weeks ago, Boca's Libertadores Cup quarter-final second leg tie at home to Guadalajara was also abandoned by a crowd riot. Estudiantes and Lanus took Argentina's third and fourth places in next year's Libertadores Cup after a 1-1 draw described as "suggestive" on La Nacion's website and "horrible" by another newspaper, Clarin. // Reuters

boca go top as gimnasia are held amid crowd trouble (11/12/2005)

Boca Juniors moved top of the Argentine championship with one match to play after beating Independiente 2-0 to end their outside hopes of the title. Previous leaders Gimnasia-La Plata, who are attempting to win the championship for the first time since Argentine football turned professional in 1932, slipped to second place when they were held 0-0 at home by Newell's Old Boys. Media reports said the halftime interval at Gimnasia lasted 35 minutes because stone-throwing fans smashed the windows of Newell's changing-room. There was also a brief delay in the 15th minute when a firecracker was thrown into Newell's penalty area. // reuters

boca juniors - pumas (mexico) (16/12/2005) 

A woman portects a girl as Police try to disperse Boca Juniors soccer fans who were unable to purchase tickets for the Sudamericana soccer finals between Argentina's Boca Juniors and Mexico's Pumas soccer clubs Friday Dec. 16, 2005 in Buenos Aires. 

Velez Sarsfield - Boca Juniors - 23/04/2006

The referee stopped the game before the end due to the fact that Velez fans threw missiles onto the pitch when Boca socred the winning goal. Local fans, angry about the goal, threw several missiles including bottles, bricks and other things, especially on linesmen. // L'Equipe

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